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Page 705 (18.548-590) "they were a nice... God some of"

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they were a nice lot
its well the Surreys relieved them
theyre always trying to show it to you
every time nearly I passed outside the mens greenhouse
near the Harcourt street station
just to try
some fellow or other trying to catch my eye
as if it was 1 of the 7 wonders of the world
O and the stink of those rotten places

the night coming home with Poldy after the Comerfords party
oranges and lemonade to make you feel nice and watery
I went into 1 of them
it was so biting cold I couldnt keep it
when was that
the canal was frozen
yes it was a few months after

a pity a couple of the Camerons werent there to see me
squatting in the mens place
I tried to draw a picture of it before I tore it up
like a sausage or something
I wonder theyre not afraid going about of getting a kick
or a bang of something there

the woman is beauty of course
thats admitted
when he said I could pose for a picture naked
to some rich fellow
in Holles street when he lost the job in Helys
and I was selling the clothes and strumming in the coffee palace
would I be like that bath of the nymph with my hair down yes
only shes younger

or Im a little like that dirty bitch in that Spanish photo he has
used they go about like that
I asked him about her and that word met something with hoses in it
and he came out with some jawbreakers about the incarnation
he never can explain a thing simply the way a body can understand

then he goes and burns the bottom out of the pan
all for his Kidney

this one not so much
theres the mark of his teeth still where he tried to bite the nipple
I had to scream out
arent they fearful trying to hurt you

I had a great breast of milk with Milly
enough for two
what was the reason of that
he said I could have got a pound a week as a wet nurse
all swelled out the morning that delicate looking student
that stopped in no 28 with the Citrons
nearly caught me washing through the window
only for I snapped up the towel to my face
that was his studenting

hurt me they used to weaning her
till he got doctor Brady to give me the Belladonna prescription
I had to get him to suck them they were so hard
he said it was sweeter and thicker than cows
then he wanted to milk me into the tea
well hes beyond everything
I declare somebody ought to put him in the budget
if I only could remember the 1 half of the things
and write a book out of it
the works of Master Poldy yes

and its so much smoother the skin
an hour he was at them Im sure by the clock
like some kind of a big infant I had at me
they want everything in their mouth
all the pleasure those men get out of a woman
I can feel his mouth

O Lord I must stretch myself
I wished he was here
or somebody to let myself go with and come again like that
I feel all fire inside me
or if I could dream it
when he made me spend the 2nd time tickling me behind with his finger
I was coming for about 5 minutes with my legs round him
I had to hug him after
O Lord I wanted to shout out all sorts of things
fuck or shit or anything at all
only not to look ugly

or those lines from the strain
who knows the way hed take it
you want to feel your way with a man
theyre not all like him thank God
some of




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