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Page 720 (18.1130-1168) "damned old bed... for that how much"

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damned old bed too jingling like the dickens
I suppose they could hear us away over the other side of the park
till I suggested to put the quilt on the floor
with the pillow under my bottom
I wonder is it nicer in the day
I think it is

I think Ill cut all this hair off me there
scalding me
I might look like a young girl
wouldnt he get the great suckin
the next time he turned up my clothes on me
Id give anything to see his face

wheres the chamber gone
Ive a holy horror of its breaking under me after that old commode
I wonder was I too heavy sitting on his knee
I made him sit on the easychair purposely
when I took off only my blouse and skirt first
in the other room
he was so busy where he oughtnt to be
he never felt me

I hope my breath was sweet after those kissing comfits
God I remember one time
I could scout it out straight
whistling like a man almost
easy O Lord how noisy
I hope theyre bubbles on it for a wad of money from some fellow
Ill have to perfume it in the morning
dont forget

I bet he never saw a better pair of thighs than that
look how white they are
the smoothest place is right there
between this bit here
how soft like a peach

I wouldnt mind being a man and get up on a lovely woman
O Lord what a row youre making
like the jersey lily
easy easy
O how the waters come down at Lahore
who knows

is there anything the matter with my insides
or have I something growing in me
getting that thing like that every week
when was it last I
Whit Monday yes its only about 3 weeks
I ought to go to the doctor

only it would be like before I married him
when I had that white thing coming from me
and Floey made me go to that dry old stick
Dr Collins for womens diseases on Pembroke road
your vagina he called it

I suppose thats how he got all the gilt mirrors and carpets
getting round those rich ones off Stephens green
running up to him for every little fiddlefaddle
her vagina and her cochinchina
theyve money of course so theyre all right
I wouldnt marry him not if he was the last man in the world
besides theres something queer about their children
always smelling around those filthy bitches all sides

asking me if what I did had an offensive odour
what did he want me to do but the one thing
gold maybe
what a question
if I smathered it all over his wrinkly old face for him
with all my compriments
I suppose hed know then

and could you pass it easily
pass what
I thought he was talking about the rock of Gibraltar the way he put it
thats a very nice invention too by the way
only I like letting myself down after in the hole
as far as I can squeeze
and pull the chain then to flush it
nice cool pins and needles

still theres something in it I suppose
I always used to know by Millys when she was a child
whether she had worms or not
still all the same paying him for that
how much




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