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Page 691 (18.28-65) "trying to imagine... aunt was very fond"

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trying to imagine he was dying on account of her
to never see thy face again
though he looked more like a man with his beard a bit grown in the bed
father was the same

besides I hate bandaging and dosing
when he cut his toe with the razor paring his corns
afraid hed get bloodpoisoning
but if it was a thing I was sick then wed see what attention
only of course the woman hides it not to give all the trouble
they do yes

he came somewhere Im sure by his appetite
anyway love its not or hed be off his feed thinking of her
so either it was one of those night women
if it was down there he was really
and the hotel story he made up a pack of lies to hide it
planning it
Hynes kept me
who did I meet ah yes I met do you remember Menton
and who else who let me see

that big babbyface
I saw him and he not long married
flirting with a young girl at Pooles Myriorama
and turned my back on him when he slinked out
looking quite conscious
what harm
but he had the impudence to make up to me one time
well done to him
mouth almighty
and his boiled eyes
of all the big stupoes I ever met
and thats called a solicitor

only for I hate having a long wrangle in bed
or else if its not that its some little bitch or other
he got in with somewhere or picked up on the sly
if they only knew him as well as I do yes

because the day before yesterday he was scribbling something
a letter
when I came into the front room
to show him Dignams death in the paper
as if something told me
and he covered it up with the blottingpaper
pretending to be thinking about business

so very probably that was it
to somebody who thinks she has a softy in him
because all men get a bit like that
at his age especially
getting on to forty he is now
so as to wheedle any money she can out of him
no fool like an old fool
and then the usual kissing my bottom was to hide it
not that I care two straws now who he does it with
or knew before that way
though Id like to find out
so long as I dont have the two of them under my nose all the time

like that slut
that Mary
we had in Ontario Terrace
padding out her false bottom to excite him
bad enough to get the smell of those painted women off him
once or twice I had a suspicion
by getting him to come near me
when I found the long hair on his coat
without that one
when I went into the kitchen
pretending he was drinking water
1 woman is not enough for them

it was all his fault of course
ruining servants
then proposing that she could eat at our table
on Christmas day if you please
O no thank you not in my house
stealing my potatoes and the oysters 2/6 per doz
going out to see her aunt if you please
common robbery so it was
but I was sure he had something on with that one
it takes me to find out a thing like that
he said you have no proof it was her
proof O yes her aunt was very fond




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