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Page 697 (18.256-291) "finder return to Mrs... standing right against the"

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finder return to Mrs Marion Bloom
and I saw his eyes on my feet going out through the turning door
he was looking when I looked back
and I went there for tea 2 days after in the hope but he wasnt
now how did that excite him
because I was crossing them
when we were in the other room first
he meant the shoes that are too tight to walk in

my hand is nice like that
if I only had a ring with the stone for my month
a nice aquamarine
Ill stick him for one and a gold bracelet

I dont like my foot so much
still I made him spend once with my foot
the night after Goodwins botchup of a concert
so cold and windy it was
well we had that rum in the house to mull
and the fire wasnt black out
when he asked to take off my stockings
lying on the hearthrug in Lombard street west

and another time it was my muddy boots
hed like me to walk in all the horses dung I could find
but of course hes not natural like the rest of the world
that I what did he say
I could give 9 points in 10 to Katty Lanner and beat her
what does that mean I asked him I forget what he said

because the stoppress edition just passed
and the man with the curly hair in the Lucan dairy thats so polite
I think I saw his face before somewhere
I noticed him when I was tasting the butter so I took my time

Bartell dArcy too that he used to make fun of
when he commenced kissing me on the choir stairs
after I sang Gounods Ave Maria
what are we waiting for O my heart
kiss me straight on the brow and part
which is my brown part he was pretty hot for
all his tinny voice too
my low notes he was always raving about if you can believe him

I liked the way he used his mouth singing
then he said wasnt it terrible to do that there in a place like that
I dont see anything so terrible about it
Ill tell him about that some day not now and surprise him
ay and Ill take him there and show him the very place too we did it
so now there you are like it or lump it

he thinks nothing can happen without him knowing
he hadnt an idea about my mother till we were engaged
otherwise hed never have got me so cheap as he did

he was 10 times worse himself anyhow
begging me to give him a tiny bit cut off my drawers
that was the evening coming along Kenilworth Square
he kissed me in the eye of my glove and I had to take it off
asking me questions
is it permitted to enquire the shape of my bedroom
so I let him keep it as if I forgot it to think of me
when I saw him slip it into his pocket

of course hes mad on the subject of drawers thats plain to be seen
always skeezing at those brazenfaced things on the bicycles
with their skirts blowing up to their navels
even when Milly and I were out with him at the open air fete
that one in the cream muslin standing right against the




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