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Page 717 (18.1015-1053) "boy to mend... though she clapped"

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boy to mend
so that you cant see the join for 2 shillings

wouldnt even teem the potatoes for you
of course shes right not to ruin her hands

I noticed he was always talking to her lately at the table
explaining things in the paper and she pretending to understand
sly of course that comes from his side of the house
he cant say I pretend things can he Im too honest as a matter of fact

and helping her into her coat
but if there was anything wrong with her its me shed tell not him
I suppose he thinks Im finished out and laid on the shelf
well Im not no nor anything like it
well see well see now

shes well on for flirting too with Tom Devans two sons
imitating me
with those romps of Murray girls calling for her
can Milly come out please
shes in great demand
to pick what they can out of her round in Nelson street
riding Harry Devans bicycle at night

its as well he sent her where she is
she was just getting out of bounds
wanting to go on the skatingrink
and smoking their cigarettes through their nose

I smelt it off her dress
when I was biting off the thread
of the button I sewed on to the bottom of her jacket
she couldnt hide much from me I tell you
only I oughtnt to have stitched it
and it on her
it brings a parting
and the last plumpudding too split in 2 halves
see it comes out no matter what they say

her tongue is a bit too long for my taste
your blouse is open too low she says to me
the pan calling the kettle blackbottom

and I had to tell her not to cock her legs up like that
on show on the windowsill before all the people passing
they all look at her like me when I was her age
of course any old rag looks well on you then

a great touchmenot too in her own way
at the Only Way in the Theatre royal
take your foot away out of that I hate people touching me
afraid of her life Id crush her skirt with the pleats
a lot of that touching must go on in theatres in the crush in the dark
theyre always trying to wiggle up to you

that fellow in the pit at the Gaiety for Beerbohm Tree in Trilby
the last time Ill ever go there to be squashed like that
for any Trilby or her barebum
every two minutes tipping me there and looking away
hes a bit daft I think
I saw him after trying to get near two stylishdressed ladies
outside Switzers window at the same little game
I recognised him on the moment the face and everything
but he didnt remember me

yes and she didnt even want me to kiss her at the Broadstone going away
well I hope shell get someone to dance attendance on her
the way I did when she was down with the mumps and her glands swollen
wheres this and wheres that
of course she cant feel anything deep yet

I never came properly till I was what 22 or so
it went into the wrong place always

only the usual girls nonsense and giggling
that Conny Connolly writing to her in white ink on black paper
sealed with sealingwax
though she clapped




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