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Page 700 (18.368-404) "in the train by tipping... I gave him theyve"

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in the train by tipping the guard
well O I suppose therell be the usual idiots of men gaping at us
with their eyes as stupid as ever they can possibly be

that was an exceptional man that common workman
that left us alone in the carriage that day going to Howth
Id like to find out something about him
l or 2 tunnels perhaps
then you have to look out of the window
all the nicer then coming back

suppose I never came back
what would they say eloped with him
that gets you on on the stage

the last concert I sang at where
its over a year ago when was it St Teresas hall Clarendon St
little chits of missies they have now singing
Kathleen Kearney and her like
on account of father being in the army
and my singing the absentminded beggar
and wearing a brooch for Lord Roberts
when I had the map of it all

and Poldy not Irish enough
was it him managed it this time I wouldnt put it past him
like he got me on to sing in the Stabat Mater
by going around saying he was putting Lead Kindly Light to music
I put him up to that till the jesuits found out he was a freemason
thumping the piano lead Thou me on copied from some old opera yes

and he was going about with some of them Sinner Fein lately
or whatever they call themselves talking his usual trash and nonsense
he says that little man he showed me without the neck is very intelligent
the coming man Griffiths
is he well he doesnt look it thats all I can say

still it must have been him
he knew there was a boycott
I hate the mention of their politics
after the war
that Pretoria and Ladysmith and Bloemfontein

where Gardner Lieut Stanley G 8th Bn 2nd East Lancs Rgt of enteric fever
he was a lovely fellow in khaki and just the right height over me
Im sure he was brave too
he said I was lovely the evening we kissed goodbye at the canal lock
my Irish beauty
he was pale with excitement about going away
or wed be seen from the road
he couldnt stand properly and I so hot as I never felt

they could have made their peace in the beginning
or old oom Paul and the rest of the other old Krugers go
and fight it out between them instead of dragging on for years
killing any finelooking men there were with their fever
if he was even decently shot it wouldnt have been so bad

I love to see a regiment pass in review
the first time I saw the Spanish cavalry at La Roque
it was lovely after looking across the bay from Algeciras
all the lights of the rock like fireflies

or those sham battles on the 15 acres
the Black Watch with their kilts in time at the march past
the 10th hussars the prince of Wales own or the lancers
O the lancers theyre grand or the Dublins that won Tugela
his father made his money over selling the horses for the cavalry
well he could buy me a nice present up in Belfast after what I gave him




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