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Page 699 (18.330-367) "was the 8th... might want to do it"

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was the 8th
then I wrote the night he kissed my heart at Dolphins barn
I couldnt describe it simply it makes you feel like nothing on earth
but he never knew how to embrace well like Gardner

I hope hell come on Monday as he said at the same time four
I hate people who come at all hours
answer the door you think its the vegetables
then its somebody and you all undressed
or the door of the filthy sloppy kitchen blows open

the day old frostyface Goodwin called about the concert
in Lombard street and I just after dinner
all flushed and tossed with boiling old stew
dont look at me professor I had to say Im a fright yes

but he was a real old gent in his way
it was impossible to be more respectful
nobody to say youre out
you have to peep out through the blind

like the messengerboy today
I thought it was a putoff first
him sending the port and the peaches first
and I was just beginning to yawn with nerves
thinking he was trying to make a fool of me
when I knew his tattarrattat at the door
he must have been a bit late
because it was l/4 after 3 when I saw the 2 Dedalus girls
coming from school

I never know the time
even that watch he gave me never seems to go properly
Id want to get it looked after

when I threw the penny to that lame sailor for England home and beauty
when I was whistling there is a charming girl I love
and I hadnt even put on my clean shift or powdered myself or a thing

then this day week were to go to Belfast
just as well he has to go to Ennis his fathers anniversary the 27th
it wouldnt be pleasant if he did

suppose our rooms at the hotel were beside each other
and any fooling went on in the new bed
I couldnt tell him to stop and not bother me with him in the next room
or perhaps some protestant clergyman with a cough knocking on the wall
then hed never believe the next day we didnt do something
its all very well a husband but you cant fool a lover
after me telling him we never did anything
of course he didnt believe me

no its better hes going where he is
besides something always happens with him
the time going to the Mallow Concert at Maryborough
ordering boiling soup for the two of us
then the bell rang out he walks down the platform
with the soup splashing about taking spoonfuls of it
hadnt he the nerve

and the waiter after him making a holy show of us
screeching and confusion for the engine to start
but he wouldnt pay till he finished it
the two gentlemen in the 3rd class carriage said he was quite right
so he was too hes so pigheaded sometimes
when he gets a thing into his head

a good job he was able to open the carriage door with his knife
or theyd have taken us on to Cork
I suppose that was done out of revenge on him
O I love jaunting in a train or a car with lovely soft cushions
I wonder will he take a 1st class for me
he might want to do it




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