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Page 712 (18.822-859) "me now flying... bay of Tangier"

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me now
perhaps hes dead or killed or a Captain or admiral
its nearly 20 years
if I said firtree cove he would
if he came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes to guess who
I might recognise him
hes young still about 40 perhaps
hes married some girl on the black water and is quite changed
they all do they havent half the character a woman has

she little knows what I did with her beloved husband
before he ever dreamt of her
in broad daylight too in the sight of the whole world you might say
they could have put an article about it in the Chronicle

I was a bit wild after
when I blew out the old bag the biscuits were in from Benady Bros
and exploded it Lord what a bang
all the woodcocks and pigeons screaming

coming back the same way that we went
over middle hill round by the old guardhouse and the jews burialplace
pretending to read out the Hebrew on them
I wanted to fire his pistol
he said he hadnt one
he didnt know what to make of me
with his peak cap on that he always wore crooked
as often as I settled it straight
H M S Calypso

swinging my hat
that old Bishop that spoke off the altar
his long preach about womans higher functions
about girls now riding the bicycle and wearing peak caps
and the new woman bloomers
God send him sense and me more money

I suppose theyre called after him
I never thought that would be my name
when I used to write it in print to see how it looked on a visiting card
or practising for the butcher
and oblige M Bloom
youre looking blooming Josie used to say after I married him

well its better than Breen
or Briggs does brig
or those awful names with bottom in them
Mrs Ramsbottom or some other kind of a bottom
Mulvey I wouldnt go mad about either
or suppose I divorced him Mrs Boylan

my mother whoever she was might have given me a nicer name
the Lord knows
after the lovely one she had
Lunita Laredo

the fun we had running along Williss road to Europa point
twisting in and out all round the other side of Jersey
they were shaking and dancing about in my blouse
like Millys little ones now when she runs up the stairs
I loved looking down at them
I was jumping up at the pepper trees and the white poplars
pulling the leaves off and throwing them at him

he went to India
he was to write
the voyages those men have to make to the ends of the world and back
its the least they might get
a squeeze or two at a woman while they can
going out to be drowned or blown up somewhere

I went up Windmill hill to the flats
that Sunday morning with captain Rubios
that was dead
spyglass like the sentry had
he said hed have one or two from on board
I wore that frock from the B Marche paris and the coral necklace
the straits shining
I could see over to Morocco almost
the bay of Tangier




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