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Page 698 (18.292-329) "sun so he could... poppies because mine"

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so he could see every atom she had on
when he saw me from behind following in the rain
I saw him before he saw me however
standing at the corner of the Harolds cross road
with a new raincoat on him
with the muffler in the Zingari colours to show off his complexion
and the brown hat

looking slyboots as usual
what was he doing there where hed no business
they can go and get whatever they like
from anything at all with a skirt on it
and were not to ask any questions
but they want to know where were you where are you going
I could feel him coming along skulking after me
his eyes on my neck

he had been keeping away from the house
he felt it was getting too warm for him
so I halfturned and stopped
then he pestered me to say yes till I took off my glove
slowly watching him
he said my openwork sleeves were too cold for the rain
anything for an excuse to put his hand anear me

drawers drawers the whole blessed time
till I promised to give him the pair off my doll
to carry about in his waistcoat pocket O Maria Santisima

he did look a big fool dreeping in the rain
splendid set of teeth he had made me hungry to look at them
and beseeched of me to lift the orange petticoat I had on
with the sunray pleats
that there was nobody
he said hed kneel down in the wet if I didnt
so persevering he would too and ruin his new raincoat

you never know what freak theyd take
alone with you theyre so savage for it
if anyone was passing
so I lifted them a bit and touched his trousers outside
the way I used to Gardner after with my ring hand
to keep him from doing worse where it was too public

I was dying to find out was he circumcised
he was shaking like a jelly all over
they want to do everything too quick take all the pleasure out of it
and father waiting all the time for his dinner
he told me to say I left my purse in the butchers
and had to go back for it
what a Deceiver

then he wrote me that letter with all those words in it
how could he have the face to any woman after
his company manners
making it so awkward after when we met
asking me have I offended you
with my eyelids down of course he saw I wasnt

he had a few brains not like that other fool Henny Doyle
he was always breaking or tearing something in the charades
I hate an unlucky man

and if I knew what it meant
of course I had to say no for form sake
dont understand you I said
and wasnt it natural so it is of course
it used to be written up with a picture of a womans
on that wall in Gibraltar with that word I couldnt find anywhere
only for children seeing it too young

then writing every morning a letter sometimes twice a day
I liked the way he made love then
he knew the way to take a woman
when he sent me the 8 big poppies because mine




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